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ACO Pacific's product and service offerings have continued to expand to meet the growing needs of the acoustics marketplace. The "Alternative" family is a broad line of IEC61094-4 compliant measurement microphones. Featuring metal diaphragms, 0 TC insulators and precision construction for accuracy and long-term stability. The growing range of companion products include: ACOtron preamplifiers; ACOustical Interface; power supplies; microphone calibrators; "Extremely Random" Noise Generators and the ACOustiCap accessories continue to expand.

The "Alternative" IEC61094-4 compliant Measurement Mic Family

The "Alternative" Family of IEC61094-4 compliant  Measurement Microphones are designed to meet and exceed stringent IEC and ANSI International standards. The Stainless Steel bodies, and selected stainless , nickel, and titanium diaphragm materials assure excellent long-term and temperature stability. Type 1 measurement microphonesThe flat, predictable Free Field and Pressure responses of these 1, 1/2, and 1/4 inch microphones is reflected in the individual "birth certificates" supplied with each microphone. Choosing microphones is now a pleasure not a chore.

Frequency response to 120 kHz (-2 dB) (Model 7016), Noise floors below 10 dBA (Model 7022), Maximum input to 175 dBSPL (3% THD)(model 7017) and Phase Matched Pairs (I & PM Series) are among the performance features of these microphones. The MK224 IEC61094-4 compliant and 7052 IEC61094-4 compliant Electret (prepolarized) capsules are also available. Companion power supplies - the PS9200 series, and the matching 4000 series ACOtron preamps round out the product line. These precision microphones are mechanically, acoustically, and electrically compatible with their more costly counterparts.

Now Available for additional Savings:
MK224SYS combination package - MK224 and 4212
MK224PH - Phantom Powered Measurement Mic System

Detailed Specifications

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IEC61094-4 compliant

Type 1.5 microphoneIEC61094-4 compliant prepolarized microphone capsules incorporate Titanium Diaphragms, PTFE Back Plate Electrets and "0" Temperature Coefficient insulators. The 7052E-E features Free Field response, 35 mV/Pa sensitivity and a 25 kHz frequency response.

Now Available for additional Savings:
7052SYS combination package - 7052E and 4212
7052PH - Phantom Powered Measurement 7052E and 4212 Mic System

Detailed Specifications

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