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Sound Level Alarm

ACOustAlarm and ACOustAlert

SLARM (TM) - Sound Level Alarms

SLARM Sound Level Alarm
with DynLeq
and Wireless (option)

The SA6000 ACOoustAlarm Family of SLARM Sound Alarms was developed in response to the increased emphasis on hearing conservation in the workplace, entertainment venues and the community at large. DynLeq and ACOoustAlert technology combine to make the SLARM a powerful monitoring and sound level alarm system.

Too Much of a GOOD THING

Day-to-day applications are many - Children's Day Care Centers, Offices, Discotheques, Rehersal Halls, Auditoriums, Concert Halls, Amphitheaters, and Movie Theaters are all sources of sounds we enjoy. However, TOO MUCH and we find ourselves unable to converse, or worse - at risk of hearing damage. These locations may benefit from SPL (Sound Pressure Level) Monitoring and ACOustAlert™ Technology.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Industrial environments include - Machines Shops, Stamping Mills, Assembly Lines, and other locations where noise is inevitable. OSHA and other laws govern some of this - however, continuous monitoring may not only prevent problems - but indicate them as well. A machine may generate even more noise - indicating the danger of breakdown.


By monitoring their operations on an on-going basis Warehouses, Marshalling Yards, and Construction Sites can work in concert with their neighbors to improve the overall quality of life in their community. Local Law Enforcement can use ACOustAlert™ to enforce Driveby Noise Laws and other noise related ordinances.

DynLeq is an adaptive dual Leq of the community noise level. Sound Levels exceeding the surrounding environment's average will Alert/Alarm when the Short Leq exceeds the Long Leq by a preset amount. Maximum SPL/Leq exceedence Alarms still function for individual and multiple events.


  • Auditoriums
  • Amphitheaters
  • Discos
  • Churches
  • Clubs
  • Movies
  • Classrooms

  • Rehearsal Halls
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Studio Monitor Rooms
  • Drive by Noise Enforcement

Are but a few ...


  • Machine/Plant Noise
  • Machine Fault Detection
  • Assembly Lines

  • Marshalling Yards
  • Warehouses
  • Construction Sites
  • Product Testing

And many more applications ...

The SLARMFamily of SPL Alarms Feature:

  • Wired and wireless Alarm, Display, History and Control available
  • Programmable: dBSPL Alarm Settings, Leq Periods, F/S response
  • A, C and Lin(Z) Weighting Curve Selection
  • Real-time Clock Calendar (Optional) Permits Multiple Profiles and History
  • True RMS detection with >100 dB Dynamic range Standard 20 to 120 dBSPL, 40 to 140 dBSPL Optional to <20 dBA and > 175 dBSPL
  • 7052E IEC61094-4 compliant Titanium Measurement Mic (std)
  • MK224 IEC61094-4 compliant  (opt)
  • Remotable Mic/Preamp - to > 300 feet
  • Mic Calibration with 511E (opt) 

Options Include:

  • Wired and wireless PDA/Computer Interfaces
  • Serial, USB, Wireless Connectivity
  • LAN Coming Soon
  • A Variety of Remote Displays, Controls and Outdoor Microphones
  • NEMA and other Packaging
  • Data Storage (History and Events)
  • Data Analysis on PDA and PC
  • Wireless Remote Displays and Alarms

  Download SLARM™ Spec Sheet in .PDF

SLARM™ Video Presentations (.MPG format):

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