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The PS9200 is the heart of the ACOustical Interface system. The industry standard 5 Pin XLR input microphone connector is readily available worldwide. Likewise, standard BNC connectors are used for signal outputs. The standard PS9200 is included in every PS9200Kit. The ACOustical Interface is constantly being updated to meet the needs of our customers.

7 Pin Lemo Connectors

An addition to the standard PS9200 family with 5 pin XLR connectors are two supplies featuring Lemo 7 pin connectors. These are pinout compatible with Hewlett Packard, Norsonic, and Bruel and Kjaer equipment. The PS9200L7 provides 2 independent microphone channels. The PS9204L7 features four independent microphone channels. Signal outputs are provided by BNC connectors.

PS9200L7 and PS9204L7 supplies offer Lemo 7 pinACOustical Interface TM connectors compatible with Agilent (Hewlett Packard), Norsonic, and Bruel and Kjaer pinouts. The PS9200L7 provides 2 independent microphone channels with gain options. The PS9204L7 provides four independent microphone channels. Signal outputs are provided by BNC connectors. The basic PS9200 utilizes 5 pin XLR input connectors.

Options (Special Order)

Options round out the PS9200 family of products. The "G" option provides up to 60 dB factory selected gain for each of two channels. The "GDRA" option has been tailored to meet the needs of analyzer and A/D cards like DRA Labs "MLSSA". It provides 20 and 40 dB gain channels with a 15 Hz highpass cutoff. "A" weighting is also available as an option.

The PS9250 option provides a 50 Vdc preamp voltage permitting over 15 Vrms output from the preamp. It is available with XLR or LEMO connectors. Other PS9200 options include Special Polarization Voltages, Adjustable input attenuators, and custom frequency response limits. All power supplies feature external dc power inputs, battery operation, and locking power switches.

ACOTron CCLD (Constant Current Line Drive) Power Supplies

The PS9302 and PS9304 are 2 and 4 channel CCLD power supplies. Powered by either an external dc source or the internal 9 Vdc alkaline battery, these units provide a regulated 30 Vdc supply voltage and constant current for maximum reliability. The PS9200C provides both measurement microphone voltage and CCLD power for the 4212 or other CCLD devices.

ACOustical Interface System User's Manual

The Care and Feeding of your ACOustical Interface System including installation, microphone care and configuration.

View ACOustical Interface System User's Manual.

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