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Products - Simple Intensity Systems

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Sound Intensity - SI7 and SI7KIT

SI7 and SI7KIT provide a rugged and cost effective approach to sound intensity probes and hardware. The Side by Side configuration - described in IEC1043 - utilizes standard ACO Pacific preamps and power supplies. Simple Intensity TM - S17The basic microphone system may be used for conventional acoustic measurements. Fully adjustable, a maximum microphone spacing of 100 mm enhances the low frequency performance of the Phased Matched microphones. Built In tripod mounting permits easy installation on a tripod or use of a camera style grip for hand-held use. The SI7KIT is a complete microphone system including: SI7 probe holder; choice of 1/2 Inch Phased Matched Pairs; 2- 4012 preamps and cables; PS9200 Power Supply; AC adaptor; and the SC1 fitted storage case.

Detailed Specifications:

ACO Pacific's SI7 "Simple Intensity" family of products offer a rugged, cost-effective approach to sound intensity, acoustical impedance, and sound absorption measurements. The SI7 probe family utilizes the traditional side by side placement of the measurement microphones described in IEC1043 (the International Sound Intensity Standard).


The SI7 probe is a two microphone probe featuring adjustable spacing from 12.5 mm to 100 mm. S17 probeThe side by side approach eliminates the need for any spacers. Thus the spacing may be adjusted for optimum measurement bandwidth. The 100 mm spacing (twice that of most face to face configurations) permits lower frequencies of operation without special adaptors.

The SI7 is designed to hold ACO Pacific's standard 4012 (1/2 inch microphone preamp). This allows the user to do general acoustic measurements increasing the versatility of the equipment.


The SI7BNC is designed to hold ACO Pacific's ACOTron 4212 preamps. Has BNC cabling - permitting IEPE power.

Sound Intensity (Acoustical Intensity) permits accurate source location and measurement of sound sources in highly reverberant environments. Applications include measurement of: fan noise, speaker cabinet sound radiation, heavy equipment noise; and profiling a horn drivers. The side by side configuration allows measurements to within a few millimeters of a working surface like speaker cones or tires.

  • Low Cost
  • Rugged side by side configuration
  • 18 inch extension
  • Tripod mounting
  • 12.55 mm to 100 mm microphones spacing
  • Uses standard ACO Pacific 4012 preamps
  • Compatible with PS9200 power supply
  • Detent design - no spacers to lose

SI7KIT Kit Includes:

  • SI7 Probe Holder S17 Kit
  • Rugged Side by Side Configuration Per IEC1043
  • Up to 100 mm Mic to Mic Spacing
  • 18 Inch Extension W/Tripod Mount
  • 7012PM or 7046I Phase Matched Mic Pair
  • 2 - 4012 Mic Preamps w/CA4012-5 Cables
  • PS9200 - 2 Channel Power Supply
  • PS9 (110Vac) or PS29 (220Vac) AC Adaptor and
  • SC1 Fitted Storage Case SC2 - Locking Case Optional
  • Holds PS9200, Preamps/Cables, Microphones, AC Adaptor
  • 511E (Optional), Other Accessories, and your BNC Cables


  • PS9200GXXX - Gain Stage Upgrade
    • "Lemo" Connector - Hewlett Packard, Norsonic and B&K pinout
    • 2 and 4 Channel Power Supplies 4 Channel - Lemo Only
    • 511E - Dual Level SPL Calibrator up to 124dBSPL (511ES124)
    • WS1 Windscreens
    • 7016PM - 1/4 Inch Phased Matched Pair

The Alternative Family of IEC61094-4 compliant Mic Capsules - 1", 1/2", and 1/4" Pressure & FF - Unmatched Measurement Mics - Detailed Specifications

Phase Matched Pairs - Available with SI7KIT

  • 7012PM - (see 7012 above)
  • 7046I - (see 7046 above)
  • Matched Pair Specifications

Phase Matching

  • 31.5 Hz to 1 kHz less than 0.2 degrees
  • 1 kHz - 0.05 degrees typical
  • 5 kHz - <1.0 degrees typical

Amplitude Matching

  • 5 Hz to 12.5 kHz - 0.5 dB
  • 0.3 dB typical

SI7BNCSYS - Simple Intensity Survey System - IEPE powered

Includes: SI7BNC holder, 2-7052E capsules-matched for sensitivity, 2-4212 IEPE preamps

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