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Acoustic Products

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ACO Pacific Accessory products expand the use of the basic ACOustical Interface System. Many of the accessories are compatible with products of other manufacturers utilizing the dimensions set forth in various International Standards for microphone dimensions.

4012- Accessories

  • 4012 AccessoriesAD0122 - 1 inch microphone to 1/2 inch preamp adaptor - Used with the 7022 and 7023 mic capsules.
  • AD0016 - 1/4 inch microphone to 1/2 inch preamp adaptor - Used with the 7016 and 7017 mic capsules
  • DM2 - 1/2 Inch Dummy Mic
  • MATT-XX Microphone Attenuator 20dB to 30dB - standard customs available

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Dummy Microphones

The DM2 series of "Dummy Microphones" permit the testing of 1/2 Inch preamplifiers and connection of non-microphone transducers - like accelerometers. Designed to mount on the face of the 4012 preamp - replacing the mic capsule, a BNC connector on the opposite end allows the connection of signal sources and external devices. Dummy MicAn internal capacitor isolates the input from the 200 Vdc polarization voltage normally found on the preamps.

TheDM2-22 has a 22 pF - 200 wVdc capacitor in series with the BNC connector. This value is representative of the typical capacitance of 1/2 inch microphones. Used in conjunction with a signal generator and AC Voltmeter, the overall response and insertion loss of the preamp can be verified. A BNC shorting cap supplied with the DM2-22 allows the noise performance of the preamp to be checked. Noise performance requires metering with at least an "A" weighted filter.

DM2-XX Special Order Capacitor Values Other values of capacitance may be ordered to simulate other microphones or input requirements.

The DM2-22, DM2-1K, DM2-XX and DM2-1K has a 1000 pF coupling capacitor. The permits use of the 4012 preamp as a charge amp for quartz accelerometers. Simple RC networks may also be possible. There is an additional cost - based on the specific requirement. The factory should be consulted.

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Microphone Attenuator for Electret (Prepolarized) ½ Inch Capsules

The upper SPL Measurement Limits of Modern Sound Level Meters and microphone preamps is often limited by the electronic design. For Sound Level Meters this limit is often 130 or 140 dBSPL.

The Electret Microphone Capsules found on these SLMs are often capable of measuring significantly higher SPLs. As an example - the ACO Pacific 7052 microphone capsule having less than 1% THD at 150 dBSPL has been used to accurately measure gunshots exceeding 170 dBSPL.

The MATT-XX is available in a number of attenuation values and custom values as well. (XX represents the rated attenuation) 20 dB and 30 dB units are standard.

The MATT-XX is inserted between the microphone capsule and the Sound Level Meter or preamp. The internal precision capacitor attenuates the microphone output. The exact amount of attenuation will vary. It is determined by both the preamp input capacitance and more important - the microphone capacitance. These errors may by from 0.1 dB to 2 dB in most applications. An ACO Pacific 521, 511E or 511ES124 SPL Calibrator may be used to establish accurate calibration.

Sound Level Meters may require you add the rated attenuation to the display value. Example. A SLM with a MATT-20 (20 dB Attenuator) might read 104 dBSPL with the 511ES124 (124 dBSPL) calibrator. The user will need to add 20 dB to the display value to arrive at the 124 dBSPL reading.

Custom attenuation values are possible. Contact us for details.

521 SPL CalibratorSPL Calibrators

94 dBSPL@ 1kHz
For 1/2 inch microphones
QD7 adaptor for 1/4 inch capsules (optional)
Class1L performance

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Four windscreens are available. They are designed to accommodate 1/2 inch mics and preamps. Made of open cell foam, windscreens are designed to reduce the noise created by low and moderate air flow across the microphone.

IWS1 & WS7 - Windscreensndustrial applications may benefit from use of the windscreen as a form of additional protection to the microphone. Hazards like flying particles, the accidental drop, and even dust and oils which might stick to the diaphragm can be minimized by the windscreen.

20ppi Open Cell Foam

WS1 - 3 Inch Windscreen - (Supplied with the PS9200KIT) - The 3 inch windscreen meets most of the needs of airflow noise reduction. The 3 inch diameter minimizes the affects of high frequency attenuation at high frequencies (25 kHz+).

WS7 - 7 Inch Windscreen - Designed to meet the higher wind velocity found in the deserts of the southwest United States. This windscreen meets the needs of most "A" weighted measurements.


80ppi Open Cell Foam

WS1-80T - Outdoor Windscreen

  • 3" windscreen for outdoor applications
  • Hydrophobically treated
  • 80 ppi density
  • Designed to shed water
  • Reduce UV damage
  • Frequency Response >15kHz


WS7-80T - Outdoor Windscreen

  • 7" windscreen for outdoor applications
  • Hydrophobically treated
  • 80 ppi density
  • Designed to shed water
  • Reduce UV damage
  • Frequency Response >12.5kHz

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Other Accessories

IEPE 1248
Now you can use accelerometers, the 7052SYS and MK224 mic systems and other ACOtron™, CCLD, and IEPE equipment to measure and record to your PHANTOM powered equipment.

Convert your PS9200 to powerIEPE

Preamp Cables
The standard 4012, 4016, and 4022 preamps come with a detachable 2 meter cable. Our standard termination at the equipment end is a 5 pin XLR style connector. A 7 pin LEMO connector is also available as a standard product. The pinout is compatible with Hewlett Packard (Agilent), Norsonic and Bruel & Kjaer equipment with the same mating connector. Other equipment end connectors, differing cable lengths and extension cables may also be ordered.

Standard Cables

  • CA4012-0 - Unterminated cable - 2 meters in length
  • CA4012-5 - 5 Pin XLR Cable - 2 meters in length (Normally supplied with the 4012 preamp)
  • CA4012-L7 - Lemo 7 Pin (HP, Norsonic, B&K configuration) (Supplied with the 4012L7 preamp)
  • CA4052-6 6 pin TMJ cable for use with the 4052 preamp and NetSLARM (tm) equipment
  • CA4052-6-XXX Custom 4052 (6 pin) cable current record 350 feet
  • CXB-XX Coax Cables- Male-Male BNC Cables utilizing RG62/U and RG174 coax for lower capacitance (13.5 pF/ft) 50% of RG58. Available in 3, 6, 12, and 20 ft lengths CXB-XX

Custom Cables
Pricing of these cables are based on the style of connectors selected and the length in feet. The "X" term defines the connector i.e. "-5" for the 5 pin XLR and "L7" for the standard Lemo 7 pin, and "Y" for the length expressed in feet.

CA Series - Preamp Cables - The cables are terminated at one end with a mating preamp connector. Thus a 10 foot 5 Pin XLR cable would be designated: CA4012-5-10, while a Lemo version would be CA4012L7-10.

CE Series - Extension Cables - These cables are normally terminated in female and male mating connectors matching the equipment connector supplied with the preamp. A 10 foot extension cable for the 4012 preamp w/CA4012-5 cable would be: CE4012-5-10, while the Lemo 7 Pin version would be: CE4012-L7-10

Adaptor Cables - These would be custom ordered from the factory and given special in house numbers.

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